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Dear Yuletide Writer (2014)


Did you know how wonderful you are? You should, because you are super-duper wonderful! Never let anyone tell you different.

Max Overacts
I requested: Any fun story. :) Something lighthearted and in the spirit of the comic. Something about Andi would be awesome as she hasn't been featured much lately. Maybe her band's first gig? Or they play at their school and there are shenanigans? (Max tries to sneak in?) Or Andi has to babysit for Max (or Max and Klaus)? Or a story behind the reason Mrs Fogherty hires Odessa to babysit instead of Andi? Or go with someone else entirely! Is Eleanore friends with Janet and Becky? Or tell a story of Eleanore, Max, and Klaus going on a backyard adventure somewhere. Really anything fun is great.

Max Overacts is a joyous webcomic about the day-to-day adventures of an overly dramatic, overly imaginative nine-year-old boy and his friends and family. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend checking it out at The best I can describe this comic is that it is just a lot of fun. Max seems to have made it his mission to make people laugh or make the world more interesting, so he's always trying something new and silly, with Klaus forever backing him up.

I love the characters in this strip so anything showcasing them and their interactions is great. I'm a particular fan of Andi, she's tough and takes no prisoners, but can also be incredibly sweet with her brother and how she stands up for her friends. I'd love to see more of her, her friends, her and Max being sibling-y... I also love Klaus and how he's both down-to-earth enough to keep Max grounded in reality (the "I've got a new box of crayons" strip comes to mind) but also completely on-board for whatever crazy thing Max comes up with next (The "manly beard" to name one)

This is my only repeat fandom this year. Feel free to check out earlier Yuletide letters for more about this comic

Scarlet Spider
I requested: So many options! You could do a typical "Kaine tries to rescue someone or stop evil and everything goes haywire" (with Aracely, Donald and Wally helping). Or show Donald and/or Wally dealing with the Scarlet Spider while he's in Houston, or dealing with the aftermath once he leaves. Or show Aracely with both or either of them, maybe her first impression of Donald as he's the first one she talks to? Or she keeps trying to but in and help Wally on crime scenes that Kaine is at? Or she decides to throw them an anniversary party, ropes Kaine into helping and everything goes haywire? Anything highlighting these characters and their interactions would be great.

Oh what can I say about this comic series? Kaine is so incredibly broken that this could have been a major angst-fest, but instead he (accidentally) surrounds himself with people who don't put up with any of his crap. Aracely is an absolute ray of sunshine while also being totally wierd (partially a result of being both psychic and amnesiac). Donald is wise but cares enough for it to get him in trouble (like gettng involved with an angsty super-hero for example), Wally is a man of action who believes whole-heartedly in doing what's right ("I am the police"). Donald and Wally also have a great relationship in the "old married couple" way that only two people who have known and supported each other for a long time get. I'd love to see more of their relationship, something early like how they met, or how they worked together to deal with suddenly being super-hero back-up, or how they supported each other through Donald's recovery and the fallout from Kaine and Aracely leaving. Aracely is fantastic. She's the fine line between saddness and existential terror to pure joy and excitement that not knowing anything about your life will lead to. I've been a big fan of her interactions with the New Warriors as well, so if you want to set something with them go for it! I love how Kaine see's himself as taking care of Aracely, but also completely relies on her judgement and support (it's not many issues after she shows up that he stops thinking "I should leave" and starts thinking "We should leave"). I love the sibling-like dynamic of their relationship, how they're both looking out for the other.

Physics (Anthropomorphic) 
I requested: Something technical. Not going to lie, this is my tricky request. I'd like something entertaining (I laugh at pretty much everything so you're pretty much guaranteed on that regard) but I'd also like the science to be reasonably accurate. Beyond that, go play. Can particle interactions be explained anthropomorphically? Probably :) Why does neutrino avoid interacting with anything? Does being massless affect photon's personality? Or maybe there's a bunch of researchers at a particle accelerator who are trying to come up with a play to explain their research to kids and it turns into a way to explain it to their parents. Really, I'm mostly just curious what you come up with.

When I say "reasonably accurate" I don't mean you have to be an expert. I'm certainly not. I just mean it would be best if you've read at least one popular science book or wikipedia page on particle physics, so the story doesn't contain something jarring like electron and anti-electron hanging out for tea and busciuts. (Now two electrons with opposite spin hanging out for tea and buscuits we can do). Otherwise, I'm not picky where the story goes. I'm a big fan of anthropomorphised science and dramatic re-tellings so I'll love whatever you come up with. 

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
I requested: Alice and Cyrus having an adventure. Will can come along if he likes. Or (/and) they can meet new characters from stories, fairy tales, and folklore. It can be one of their early adventures when they're still getting to know one another and both think the other might leave at any time, one of their adventures before Cyrus's abduction when they're a beautifully balanced battle couple, one of their adventures when they find each other again and go off to see all the places they'd dreamed of going to or one of their adventures after they've been together again for a while and things have changed a bit in Wonderland. Alice being competent and excited, Cyrus being clever and witty, world building, action, some dark with some light, mix well.

(Spoilers ahead!!!!) This show had so much that I love mix with a chunk of didn't-love-quite-so-much. I love Alice and Cyrus as a battle couple. They work so well together and their mutual trust and respect shines through with their giddy excitement to be together. All of their scenes together make me grin. Plus their plan was to see the world together, to have never-mind-the-danger-as-long-as-we're-together adventures. I didn't love that they ended up in magic-less England and never went back. Of course they would go back. They promised their friends, and Cyrus's brothers! I loved that they were both imperfect heroes, with Alice's insecurity and Cyrus's dishonest past, but that they made each other better people. I didn't like that Amara was given a pass for ruthlessly killing people because she's Cyrus's mom. I loved Alice and Knave as bros, his snarkiness in contrast with her earnestness (Will has some well-honed snark and it's great). I didn't like how Lizard's story ended (but I liked Lizard). 

There's so much potential for world building here. I'd love to see more genie-lore, or repurcussions for Cyrus and his brothers returning to human after who knows how long. Or more about Nyx, or Cheshire (who has some kind of history with Alice...) or travel between worlds (why can Rabbit do it, but no one else? Can Mrs Rabbit?) or Alice encountering magic she doesn't understand (but finds a use for anyway)... really anything would be great.

Things I like: character interactions, competence, humour, friends who work well together, diversity, adventure, darkness is good as long as there's a happy ending (or at least a satisfying ending), awesome women, families (found or blood), banter, I usually prefer gen but am cool with slash, femslash, het, poly etc. In this case use the source material as a ratings guide. I would prefer that any romantic relationships not be the central focus of the story.

Things I don't like: excessive angst, awkwardness, the "I'm lying to you/keeping something from you to protect you" trope, taking away a character's agency.

All of these fandoms are things I love, so have fun, write what you like, and I will love it. Optional details are optional. Feel free to check out my previous Yuletide letters on dreamwidth (2012, and 2013) or scope me one AO3 or tumblr (where I am also sinesofinsanity) if you need more ideas.

Thanks in advance!!