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2014-10-28 07:57 am

Dear Yuletide Writer (2014)


Did you know how wonderful you are? You should, because you are super-duper wonderful! Never let anyone tell you different.

Max Overacts )

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2013-10-14 11:59 am

Dear Yuletide Writer


Thank you in advance! You are the wonderfulest of YuleGoats :)

Max Overacts

I requested: Anything! Tell a story about Max and Klaus's adventures in busking, or as the investigative team Pagett and Crossley, or something about Andi and her band, or how Andi got her job at the radio, or put Eleanore in charge of teaching Max how to play soccer. Really any fun story in this fandom would be great.

*Also requested last year, feel free to check out that Yuletide letter for other ideas/thoughts

Note: If you haven't read this I highly recommend checking it out, the archive isn't that big, but it's set up like a newspaper comic strip so although there are loose storylines, you don't really need to know the backstory to jump in on the most recent strip

This is easily my favourite webcomic right now. The characters and their interactions are so much fun, and they all feel like real people that you might run into on the street. I love Max's imagination and how Klaus is always gung-ho to join in, while still being chill enough to avoid the drama Max finds himself in. I love Andi's sarcasm and "I'm way too cool for you" attitude. I love Eleanore's exuberance and complete lack of filter. Basically, I'm looking for just a fun story with the charaters being themselves . Give them a bit of an adventure. You don't have to use the characters nominated either if you'd rather write Sir Allan or Odessa or Janet or Becky or James or ANYONE!

AUs or future!fic or pre-canon stories are cool, though I would prefer something grounded in the realism of the comics. Also, keep it gen please, these are kids after all :)

What Would The Robin Do Then - Jean Little
I requested: What happens next? Do Edward and Rosa go to the same school? Does Edward ever see Natalie again? Does Rosa invite Edward back for dinner? Does Rosa meet Edward’s dad or Edward meet Mr Lopez? Does the woman from the church group come back? Did Mario and Rosa fit in alright at school? What does Edward do when he grows up? You don’t have to answer any particular question, just tell me something that happens after the story.

*Also requested last year, feel free to check out that letter for other ideas/thoughts

This is my Christmas book. I don't read it every year, but when I do I read it at Christmas. Jean Little is so good at creating day-in-the-life scenes that completely capture the characters to make you feel like you've always known them. But for some reason, this story always felt incomplete to me. I always want to know what happens next. Where did the characters go from there? Feel free to go in whatever direction you like with that, you can show as much or as little as you like (I don't mind being left with more "Then what?" questions). You can set it as far in the future as you like, 20 years down the line or the next day. You can make it about as few or as many characters as you like. Just, what were the repurcusions of Edward and Natalie dropping in to lunch with Rosa and Marco? Were there any?

The Mask of Zorro (1998)
I requested: Post-movie Elena and Alejandro (or just Elena) being bad-ass. Maybe saving Zorro from something, maybe helping Zorro with a mystery, maybe someone suspects Alejandro is Zorro so Elena dons the mask briefly, maybe he uses his Zorro persona to cause a distraction while she does espionage/rescuing/sabotage/badass-ness.

I like to think of Zorro is the original superhero. The swashbuckling, mysterious fox. Elena in this movie was such an interesting character: as the biological daughter of the original Zorro, and the emotional daughter of his greatest enemy, but also as a young woman discovering her place in this strange new country, learning about the injustices in it, and deciding to do something about them. I'd love a story that gives her some time to shine. Something that lets her say "I don't need a mask to be a hero". Or "I don't need to hit things with pointy sticks to have an impact". I liked many of the things she did in the sequel, investigating and being battle-couple with Alejandro. I love battle-couples and badass families. Can you imagine how much better the sequel would have been if Joaquim had knon from the begining about his family's connection with the masked hero? They could have been a full blown Zorro family! Anything Elena-centric would be excellent.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids (1989)
I requested: Amy being quietly brilliant. Maybe she fixes one of her dad's experiments before it blows up the house, maybe she subtle-y rules theatre camp, maybe she's the one her brothers turn to when things go crazy for them, maybe she does double degrees in english lit and particle physics while serving as a VP on her student union, maybe she goes into the backyard and rescues some ants from the sprinkler. Something to show her untapped potential being used.

Amy always struck me as sort of calmly confident. Maybe she's not a genius like her brother, but she knows where she is and can deal with things when they come. I could be reading too much into the movie but she seemed to come to terms with being shrunk fairly easily. Sort of a "that happened, now how do we deal with it?" attitude. She's in the sequel for less than two minutes and spends it giving advice to her brother, advice he seems to listen to more than to his parents. It doesn't have to be anything big, just Amy being subtly crazily competent at life.

World War Z - Max Brooks
I requested:
A side view of the narrator, what do some of the people talking to him or escorting him around think of his project/mission or what they've heard. What do they see/think when they travel with him/meet him? Alternately, Jessika Hendricks, the young woman in northern Manitoba, what happened in between travelling north and working to 'clean up' frozen zombies?
Alternately, what happened to New Zealand?

Okay, this one's kind of mean because the characters I requested weren't ones nominated. But though reading the book I was fascinated with the idea of this narator travelling the world to talk to all these people about what was inevitably the most horrifying experience of their lives. Does he have a camera-man travelling along with him listening to these stories too and wishing to tell his own? Do his drivers/local guides resent him for making them go to all these places or are they just glad the stories being told? Do the people he's interviewing appreciate the questions? Do they ever ask him to tell his own story to build some kind of rapport? Does he ever go back to see them again? Note that I'm using the third-party "he" (English is a limiting language) so if you see the narrator as a woman, transgendered, or genderqueer, great. (I actually have almost no picture of the narrator. Or if I do, it's a different picture depending on the interviewee)
The first alternate option is just one other story that fascinated me. Jessika's story ends with her as a child, but she's clearly seen between paragraphs to be competent at killing half frozen zombies with an axe. How did she get that way? I'm also just a sucker for Northern Canada as a setting.
The last alternate option is actually a series of alternates. What happened in all the places the narrator didn't go to or didn't interview someone from. Sure there was a story from Brazil, but that was pre-outbreak. What happened there during the war? Pick any place that you're familiar with that isn't covered in the book and tell me what happened during World War Z.

General Notes
I love characters and character interactions. I like adventure and seeing how different characters react to different situations, or anything that lets a character's personality shine.

I usually prefer gen, but am cool with het, slash, femslash, etc provided it isn't the central focus of the story. In general for ratings use the source material as a guide.

I am super excited for any of these fandoms. Optional details are optional. Have fun with it and it'll be sure to make me smile. :D

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2012-11-02 06:12 pm

Dear Yuletide Writer

 Dear YuleGoat

First of all, thanks in advance. You are a wonderful, magical person, and we like some of the same things! Isn’t that great! :D

What Would The Robin Do Then? – Jean Little

I requested: What happens next? Do Edward and Rosa go to the same school? Does Edward ever see Natalie again? Does Rosa invite Edward back for dinner? Does Rosa meet Edward’s dad or Edward meet Mr Lopez? Does the woman from the church group come back? Did Mario and Rosa fit in alright at school? What does Edward do when he grows up? You don’t have to answer any particular question, just tell me something that happens after the story.

Jean Little was my favourite author for years as a kid, but I didn’t find this collection of short stories until I was an adult. The stories are classic Jean Little: a glimpse into real life, at kids dealing with real life problems that are often glossed over or ignored in more traditional children’s stories. (How many stories have you read with characters with cerebral palsy?)

As much as I love this story, it has always left me with a feeling of “Then what?” Real life doesn’t have neat, clean endings so neither does this, but real life keeps going. So what happens next? What are the repercussions of the story?

You can set this as far into the future as you like. What happens the next day, or where Edward and/or Rosa and/or Natalie are in fifty years or any-when in between. You can use as many or as few of the characters as you like (if you want to only use Mario, great, if you want to use/create a huge cast, also great). You can also pair people up as you see fit, but keep it gen or PG (implications are okay, explicit violence and/or sex not so much)

Lastly, you can set it anywhere you like although I would prefer (if setting is important, it doesn’t have to be) that the canon story is in Canada.

Max Overacts

I requested: Max and Andi being sibling-y, or Max and Klaus being best friends-y or both or something else! Maybe Andi has to babysit Max and the power goes out. Or Andi has to watch Max and Klaus at her work while they wait for their parents after school. Or tell the story of how Max and Klaus met. Or Andi’s first non-ears piercing. Or Max and Klaus sneak into the high school to watch Objects of Interest compete in a Battle Of The Bands. Or the further mystery tales of Padgett and Crossley. Or take the Calvin and Hobbes comparisons to the logical extreme and have Max meet Calvin (as child or aged-up to reflect the time since CaH was published).  Focus on character interactions, but give them a bit of an adventure.

I love the characters in this comic. The different personalities and interactions are brilliant. Even the background characters such as the kids in Max’s or Andi’s classes have personalities and their own adventures (or enough artistic detail to make you believe they do). Each character is completely unique and they work together or not brilliantly.

Andi is fantastic. She’s a sarcastic, no-holds-barred, self-centred without noticing it teenager. She’s quick to jump to the defense of her friends, but takes offense to not being the obvious leader of her band, Objects of Interest. Her relationship with Max is saturated with pranks and sibling rivalry, but she’s always got his back.

Klaus is Max’s number two, but so much more than that. He provides Max with a sidekick to do theatrics and try out new ideas with, while keeping him grounded when Max gets too caught up in his own drama. Klaus is shown to have an imagination to rival Max’s own, but without the drive to do anything with it. It’s also been hinted that his mom is raising him on her own, which is an interesting element as it leads him to look up to Max’s dad.

With respect to the prompt, pretty much any story in this fandom would be squee-worthy.  Feel free to branch out and use other characters. If you want to do a story featuring only Eleanore or Jacob or anyone at all go for it. While I would prefer a story that’s grounded in the realism of the comic, AUs or future-fic are also excellent. But keep it gen, using the comic itself as a ratings indicator.

House Hippos

I requested: Something with interaction between house hippos and humans. Tell a story about the scientists who study house hippos. Or a child who finds a nest of house hippos and tries to keep them as pets. Or someone who has to keep rescuing house hippos from their cat, or rescue their cat from the house hippos. Or crossover with The Borrowers or The Littles. Or tell the house hippo’s perspective of the family whose house they live in. Animals can only talk to other animals. Humans can talk to animals, but they may or may not understand.

More than any other PSA I saw as a child, house hippos invaded the collective conscious because it was a case of the PSA lying to you and admitting they lied to you, but it was a lie that would have been so GREAT if it was true.

House hippos became a thing without making a big deal about it. I’ve heard people say “A house hippo stole my sock”, and they’re the source of the odd joke that make people smile and say “oh yeah, I remember that.”

Regarding the prompt, I’m looking for a story that accepts house hippos as a normal part of life. Who are the people who interact with the house hippos? If you are at all familiar with either The Littles  by John Peterson and Roberta Carter Clark or The Borrowers by Mary Norton I would love a story about how the tiny people living behind the walls have to deal with hippos sharing their space. Maybe a tiny family moves into a new house and it’s infested with house hippos! Or house hippos move into the tiny family’s long term house. Keep in mind that when not tiny, hippos are very dangerous creatures.

If you’re not familiar with either books, no worries (although I recommend them if you’re a fan of children’s literature, you can probably find at least one of either series at your library). Go wherever you like with the concept. If house hippos were real, how would people deal with them? How would you? 

No dialogue between humans and animals, although you can feel free to have humans who know the animals understand them (similar to how people understand their pets/animal roommates). No inter-species pairings.

General notes:

Things I like: I love character interactions and development. Characters who have unique personalities and motivations, whether those compliment or clash. I love the fantastic adventures of ordinary life and adding flair and drama to daily routine.

Things to avoid: I’ve requested gen or PG. As a rule of thumb, be no more explicit than the source material. This is not to avoid pairings, but I would rather the pairing not be the entire point of the story.

As Ferrris Bueller would say “no isms”. That is, stay away from language that is racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, etc. Err on the side of caution.

Optional details are optional. Just have fun.

All of these fandoms are things I love and will love to see fic for. Fanficiton is great for filling in gaps in stories and exploring new aspects of characters, but it’s also a celebration of the works and a display of everyone’s different experiences with a work and the different things they take from it/reasons they love it.

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2012-02-03 01:48 am

The new 52s Part 3 of 3(?) More Recs and Things

There’s something inherently satisfying about carrying around a couple of comic books in one’s day–bag to just pull out when there’s a free moment or two, something almost silly or indulgent which is completely different but just as fun as having a book or piece of string. Of the DCnU books I stuck with, most were recommended or promoted in some way by the Guy/Girl at the comic book store (G@CBS). I think my favourite part of this whole experiment has been going into the shop and asking the right questions to get someone to go into fan-mode. G@CBS, cheers to you!

For Darkseid! and other villainous battlecires )

Once again, I will conclude by expressing my undying love for scans daily. :)
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2012-01-29 11:26 pm

The new 52s Part 2 of 3(?) Recs and Things

Bet you thought I’d forgotten about you.


Through a series of misadventures ranging from rant avoidance after getting angry at the internet to the near destruction of my computer, this post is significantly later (and thus shorter) than originally intended. The following is the list of new 52 (now called the new universe or DCnU, not sure why the ‘n’ is small case but I digress) titles I’ve checked out. Because I’m feeling kind of crummy today, the first is the list of titles that failed the test and will inevitably die in the pit of obscurity! Or just weren’t worth $3.99 for 22 pages of comic and 20 pages of ads (mostly for other comics). Interestingly, of the six titles that were recently cancelled (OMAC, Men of War, Mr. Terrific, Static Shock, Black Hawks and Hawk and Dove), none are ones I even glanced at. Mostly because they were characters/stories I’d never heard of. Awesome advertising there DC, real stellar. 

Because I'm a bit of a noob, the Guy/Girl at the comic book store (G@CBS) helped me out with initially picking these.

Kneel before Zod!!! )

By the way, I have an undying love for scans_daily. So you know. :D
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2011-11-20 10:46 pm
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So apparently due to an inability to calculate time zones (you mean midnight in Greenwich is early evening in Ontario? Since when?) I missed the Yuletide sign-ups this year.  I'm on the pitch hitter list though and will probably volunteer to beta for someone so I guess you could say I'm half participating. :)

Looking forward to the madness.
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2011-11-02 06:06 pm

The new 52s Part 1 of 3(?) The Reboot Rant

The following couple of posts refer to the New 52 series recently launched by DC, now just finished the second issue. Be advised that $310 is a lot of money so I did not read every new 52 title. The posts are based on the 9 I did read.
About 2 months ago, DC comics launched a soft reboot of their entire line-up; 52 titles with new plot lines, altered storylines or canon histories, and occasionally new writers and artists. As a recent convert to the world of printed comics, I’m offering my 2 ½ cents worth, now that the hype has died down a bit and there’s been a chance to see what this reboot is all about. 

So, what’s going on? )

With that said, each title I’ve picked up has so far passed the 2 issue test. We’ll see which ones hold out.

* )
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2010-08-04 09:31 pm
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Hockey + Politics = ??

Recently the Green Party of Canada named former Montreal Canadiens player Georges Laraque as one of two deputy leaders of the party, which provides an interesting contrast to the other deputy leader, Adriane Carr. The move, from a slightly cynical perspective, is supposed to boost support in Quebec (a province which failed to elect an NDP MP for the first 25 years of that party's existence) for the Greens (a party which has failed to elect an MP, ever). At first glance the move seems ridiculous, but then, this is Canada, and it is Quebec. The Greens need a hero, and maybe the Habs will give it to them. But how well do hockey and politics mix in this country?

You could say it started with Lord Stanley, Canada's 6th governor general, and the man who financed the cup that fans flock to the Hockey Hall of Fame to gaze at. Although his name is on the cup, he was never known as a hockey player, only becoming a fan after his sons started to play. So we move on.

Lionel "The Big Train" Conacher played and excelled at nearly every sport popular in the 10's 20's and 30's (you have to be awesome to get a nickname like "The Big Train") and played on such hockey teams as the Montreal Maroons, Chicago Black Hawks, and the very first NHL All Stars team. He went on to be a Liberal MP in Toronto where he died of a heart attack during a softball game against the parliamentary press gallery. That might be why they don't do that anymore.

Red Kelly (known for playing on more Stanley Cup winning teams than any player who never played for the Montreal Canadiens) NHL top defenseman in 1954, was a Liberal MP for York during his hockey career. Apparently arguing about the new flag and battling it out on the ice didn't conflict with each other all that much. The same tactic was tried by Syl Apps who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1930's and 40's (back when they used to win the odd game. oh snap!), but he wasn't elected as a PC MPP for Kingston until 1963 when he'd officially retired from the NHL. Howie Meeker however was able to serve as Conservative MP for Waterloo while playing for the Leafs in the 1950's. The Leafs don't make their players work all that hard (I did it again).

Currently two Senators, Frank Mahovlich and Jacques Demers are connected with the NHL, although neither of them with the Senators. Demers coached the Montreal Canadiens and is a Conservative appointed by Harper, while Mahovlich is another Leafs player and a Liberal appointed by Chretien.

Lastly we get to Ken Dryden, who won 6 Stanley Cups with the Montreal Canadiens as a goalie in the 1970's and currently sits as Liberal MP for York Centre. He doesn't seem to say a lot, but focuses on poverty and hunger issues. Pretty typical for a Grit, pretty popular for a Hab in Leafs territory.

So Laraque seems to be in good company. While we wait with bated breath for someone to trip up and call an election, he can ride the hockey fame and maybe sweep up a seat! After all, what are hockey and politics for if not entertainment?

*Interview with Laraque in the National Post

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2010-06-21 05:36 pm
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It all really happened! Really defines Better than Canon as fans reinterpreting or "fixing" canon (I just linked you to tvtropes. You'll be there all day) Personally, I prefer fics that add to canon, rather than ignoring it. (Although if you can find me a good "Wash didn't die" fic, I won't complain.) On that note, a list of stories that can be inserted into their respective canons (without damaging continuity) to explain, enliven, or otherwise add colour to specific aspects of the overall narrative.

Nameless Faceless by voodoochild
Doctor Who
"There are no Time Ladies on Gallifrey any longer. The entire universe knows of the Weeping Angels. These two facts are connected. Spoilers for "The End of Time 1 & 2"."
According to The End of Time, the only Time Ladies on Gallifrey are either insane seers or mysteriously connected to The Doctor. After all Rassilon seems to have a particular fondness for vapourizing females. This fic seeks to justify that. Also, despite being reasonably unfamiliar with old Who, the behaviour and characterizations of the Time Lords seemed to suggest that RTD is even less so. This fic seeks to justify that as well.
In the end, it is a beautiful, tragic, story told in better prose than most published books. Every time I read this I feel like I'm doing so for the first time.

Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness by Thanfiction
Harry Potter
A fanfic so big, and so epic, it has it's own wiki. And other people write their own fanfic about it. It's the story of Neville and the other DA members during the events of DH. Overall it's very dark, and kind of grisly in parts (there's an alternate version of the battle of Hogwarts chapter for people who get squeamish) which, to be fair, makes a fair bit of sense. The author does an amazing job at introducing us to the barely mentioned characters that make up Hogwarts school, and fleshing out the side characters we thought we knew. He also doesn't shy away from building up and making you laugh with characters we know are going to die (damn you JK). The story grips you by the throat, demands to be read, and leaves you aching for more. (it does have a sequel...)

A Bamboo Joint Cannot Be Cut by Spiralleds
Simon, in his search for River, finds himself in what basically amounts to a futurisitic opium den where the clients gamble over the game Go. The game features quite prominently, with metaphors I didn't really get (having never played) woven throughout. That Simon is out of his depth, and his desperation to find his sister are more than evident, but he seems to gain patience and confidence as the night progresses. There are snippets of River-speak scattered in the story, suggesting she is either sensing what Simon is up to (though she doesn't understand it) or has figured out this story after he rescued her (though he didn't tell her). If nothing else, it will make you want to learn to play Go.

A Thousand Miles by Therienne
Avatar: The Last Airbender
While Zuko recovers from his duel, Iroh commissions a ship and prepares for his and his nephew's hunt for the Avatar. This fic is great for exploring Zuko's perspective of the duel, as well as for explaining how the ship's crew, who are all older and more experienced than the prince, came to be serving under him. Perspectives are clear in this one as Ozai is painted as a definite villain, without tarnishing Zuko's ever present desire to please his father. Plus, Iroh is at his best brilliant general/jovial uncle -ness.

Fool's Wisdom by aces
Lord of the Rings
Short and cute, shows how the Hobbits slyly took care of Frodo after their return to the Shire. Something which I'm sure kept him from giving in to his PTSD and thus helped him to stay in the Shire for as long as he did. Merry's narrative is perfect in all it's serious hobbitude, with Pippin of course solving problems the best way he knows how: with a great deal of alcohol.

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2010-06-04 08:24 pm

Is it just me or does X seem like it should be dirtier than /?

The problem with crossover fanfic is that far too often the justification for having the characters in the same place at the same time is a heavily stretched AU, a plot hole ridden alternate timeline (very difficult to do non-kitchy), or significant suspension of disbelief on the part of the reader (ok so Mulder and Scully were investigating a strange case in Colorado Springs, but the FBI knows nothing about what the Air Force is up to, but they manage to sneak in anyway...). There are certain character meetings that make sense, but the simplest and least frustrating thing is often to just shrug off the justification and say "It could happen", although that can sometimes be frustrating too (so 5 Hogwarts students find themselves in Rivendell...).
That basically sums up what's so uniquely awesome about Doctor Who crossover fic. The Doctor has a TARDIS. He can (and does) go ANYWHERE. Just For Fun. (I want one)

by Rebecca Hb
Doctor Who X Avatar: The Last Airbender
Master Pakku, before he was a stuck up old man and was just a stuck up teenager, meets the Doctor and a Monster in the middle of a desolate stretch of ice. The monster is actually quite terrifying as for the first half of the story it's completely unclear exactly what this thing is and what it can do, other than the fact that at least two families have been masticated. Pakku is cold and self important, and the Doctor bounces around trying to explain water-bending with physics and telekinesis. It's everything a good Who episode is. Evil, laughter, and an awful lot of running.

Dreams and Nightmares
by Anon
Doctor Who X Harry Potter
Ten and Donna meet the Marauders as they are creating the famous map. Both groups are completely surprised and confused by the others. The story focuses mostly on Remus as the thoughtful observer, which fits rather well as the story takes a nearly philosophical turn while the Doctor mad gabs about and Donna rolls her eyes at him.

The Battersea Home for Lost Robots
by misswinterhill
Doctor Who X XKCD
Specifically this XKCD comic, which nearly made me cry. Seriously, Humans kind of suck. But this makes up for it. Times a million. It's short and sweet, but full of awesome.

From a World More Full of Weeping
by Azar
Doctor Who X Chronicles of Narnia
Susan is one of those characters who I've looked back on with a completely different conclusion now I've "grown up" a bit. Seriuosly, her entire family dies and what I, and many other fans, came up with was "All she cares about now are boys and make-up? We don't want her in Narnia anymore". Almost to make it up to her, I've developed a special love of stories that Solve The Susan Problem. This is one of my favourites.

I Make the Glare for Lightbulbs
by Voleuse
Doctor Who X Stargate:SG1
"Yes, where would we be without them?" "In the dark."
I like to imagine this as either the ninth doctor, or the fifth, shortly after regeneration. He meets Daniel Jackson in the University of Chicago Library. Both are trying to figure out who they are and what they're doing. The Doctor seems to find his way helping out Daniel, who takes this eccentric man who no longer fits his scarf with the easy stride that Daniel will later use with his adventures through the Stargate.

The Holes in the Ground by mercurial_wit
Doctor Who X Stargate Atlantis
The Doctor and Rodney McKay meet in slightly the wrong order. It's explained away by the fact that spacetime is "bendy", which Rodney finds offensive on spacetime's behalf. In the middle we see last minute rescues (by the Doctor or McKay? depends on who you ask), robot bartenders, and a reasonable dose of the prime-notprime game. When it comes full circle, spacetime is revealed to be quite bendy indeed, or funny if you get the Euclid reference.

The Man With No Name by frostfyre
Doctor Who X Firefly
Pretty long, but worth it. Desperate to find something that will help him forgive himself, or at least forget the events of Doomsday, the Doctor ends up on Persophone and hitches a ride with the Firefly crew after learning the problems of wearing a brown coat in an Alliance friendly bar. Meanwhile, Badger hires Mal to steal an alien a crime lord/honestly wealthy businessman has claimed to have discovered. Naturally, not all is as it seems, although on a second read though River's words make more sense. (Edit in bold: in my defense, it was after midnight and I'd been up since 6:30)

Portally Yours by jinxed_wood
Doctor Who X Dresden Files
Murphy meets the Doctor (who is attempting to fix an interdimensional portal in a Chicago back alley) and calls in Harry to double check that the strange British man isn't something supernaturally nasty. The characterizations in this one are pretty much dead on, which makes it even more awesome than even the concept of DresdenXWho (which is pretty sweet just on it's own) can do.

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2010-05-24 10:40 pm

I started crying on the 401 the other day

Normally I really like The Trews. But after this song, because I didn't get into an accident (although I missed my exit), I also love them patriotically. The song is called Highway of Heroes, after the stretch of highway from CFB Trenton to Toronto, which is the last journey of fallen Canadian soldiers before they are sent by civilian transportation to their hometowns. Out of respect, people stand on the overpasses and along the side of the highway holding Canada flags and other symbols of support. My family was driving home from Kingston last Christmas and were about an hour ahead of the convoy carrying four soldiers and a Calgary Herald Journalist; people were already lined up on the freezing bridges.

According to the Trews Wikipedia page: "The newest single, Highway Of Heroes, was inspired by the 2006 death of Capt. Nichola Goddard, the first Canadian female soldier killed in Afghanistan. ... The song is available on iTunes ( (Canada only), and proceeds from the song are going to Canadian Hero Fund, a charity that provides academic scholarships to the spouses and children of soldiers killed in combat."
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2010-05-24 08:49 pm
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2010-02-02 10:45 pm

Just going to keep harping about this

So it's been a month now since Our Dear Leader ran and hid prorogued parliament, three weeks since anyone noticed, and a week since the MPs were supposed to be back to yelling at each other. Naturally then, I felt this was a good time to comment.

(Well that and the fact that the weekend before they were due back to the House, I was sick. Aside: links get steadily funnier) )
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2010-01-10 03:40 pm
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2009-10-06 11:34 am
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Project 10^100

Why Google is awesome: Project 10^100

Thousands of ideas that will change the world, millions of votes, and $10 million to make it all happen.

The suggestions were filtered into 16 BIG ideas, and based on votes, 5 will be supported by Google, and because Google is awesome, they will happen

Most of the ideas are things that mesh well with Google such as monitoring systems, media tracking, reporting systems, data analysis, online tools, networks, and support funds.

Voting ends Oct 8, so GO NOW!!!

Also, does it make me a bad person that the thing I like most about the intro video is the song?

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2009-08-19 09:46 pm
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Of course I'm happy, Rohan is riding to Gondor!

- ... but you knew that was going to happen.
- Of course I did!
- but, then why -
- If it makes me happy, it makes me happy. It doesn't matter if it makes sense!

And on that note:

The One Ring to Rule them ALL
Legendary Frog
Kind of old, but is truly the one parody TO RULE THEM ALL, and makes me giggle every time I see it. Is also the only parody I've ever seen that has a special edition version. This is it. The original is only slightly less funny.

And Just Whose Wedding Is This?
A wonderful, hobbity story, in which a disgruntled groom is annoyed by his future in-laws. Although he tries to maintain his dignity as a knight of Gondor, he is still a young hobbit of the Shire and has much to learn about the ways of hobbit-lasses with regards to wedding plans.

A Matter of Record
A meeting between the king of Gondor and the leaders of the Shire (Mayor, Master, and Thain), set many years after the events of the War of the Ring. This one makes me happy for it’s pure hobbittude.

A Moment of Reflection
Lord Elrond has an encounter with a young Took and a very large book, causing him to perhaps re-evaluate his decision sending the younger hobbits with the Fellowship. I’m not sure exactly when this fic is set, but I’m not sure it really matters.

A Lesson on Hobbits
One for every non-hobbit member of the fellowship. Yes, even Gandalf has something to learn about the small people he has been learning about for the past hundred years or so. Despite (as he says) knowing more about their history than they do themselves. The one with Boromir is charming and blends book and movie-verses quite nicely. Many of the rest paint the hobbits as being more childish than is generally expected, but it leaves you with the idea that they're sensible and mature when they have to be. After all, to be so always would be boring!

And for those of you more appreciative of Sci-fi:

The Atlantis Local Stitch'n'Bitch Chapter
Question, does this really need a description? Contains John/Rodney, a fair amount of Atlantis gossip and giggling, some Celine Dion, and lots of knitting.

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2009-08-18 06:28 pm
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I get so lonely being... you know the rest

*glances around*... wow... this house is empty... I'm sitting here listening to Quebecois Radio (CFVD from Degelis, and no I don't know what they're saying... the commercials are interesting) wandering around wikipedia and myewb, wondering where everybody is... hello? can you hear me? hello? It should be mentioned that I can get into nearly everybody's rooms, was it such a good idea to leave me in charge?

Some things I've found, that make no sense together:

Daftpunk's keyboard
TURN UP THE VOLUME REALLY LOUD FOR THIS ONE. really, do it. endless boredom cure... maybe.

Virtual Kalidescope Less of a boredom cure than the keyboard, but still fun, likely would be more fun if I was high... that's less likely though

Perpetuum Jazzile - Africa
SO much fun, do I need to mention how much I really want to be part of this choir now? ([personal profile] sobluethesky , this is for you)

Teach your granny to text and recycle old toys! Affiliated with this site, which makes me really happy.

Interesting things on Google Earth

Lastly, this pic is begging to be captioned ala punditkitchen.

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2009-07-03 11:14 pm
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Can we get some Elvish here?

So, [personal profile] kiki_eng  discovered an interesting last name which prompted me to post. Unfortunately I only know one really good "Elvish" fic. I included the second because it seemed to fit anyway.

Hearts Betrayed and Renewed
Starts out tragically and becomes quite sweet. Celebrian is a flirt and Elrond is a cheeky young thing.  Isildur is evil, Galadriel is wise, Glorfindel is... a bit too best-friendsy to be perfectly honest. There's rings of power, mind-speak, specism, and cross-dressing. I mentioned Elrond was cheeky didn't I?

Flowers of Nimloth
A glimpse at Isildur's early life from the point of view of his future wife, who the good professor was so kind as to leave unnamed and undescribed. An interesting look at the world going to hell (in probably the most literal sense of the word) around you and having pretty much no way to stop it. There are fight scenes and moments of beauty, and Lienilde grows as a character throughout which is great to see. 

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2009-06-14 01:34 pm
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Tribute to Hans Rosling

No he's not dead.

Hans Rosling started the website which is actually surprisingly fun. (Basically it lets you play with statistics without having to actually do statistics (bloody fake math) I made this one, (when you get there hit play) it doesn't say much in terms of patterns, it just points out something interesting in 2006)

Interesting you say? you want to find out more? Probably not, but you should anyway. Hans Rosling gave two TED Talks, using this software to point out trends and debunk myths in the developing world. (two TEDtalks, seriously!)

One in 2006: two points about this one, most importantly when he splits up the sub-Saharan Africa to show where each individual country fits on the graph. I'm especially grateful for this because I get kind of annoyed when people get into their heads Africa = bad. It's a diverse continent people, the colourful bouncy graphs prove it. Also, take a look at the specific countries he uses in the quiz at the begining. I don't know if he did it on purpose, but when he asks the students to choose between two countries, one of the countries is one which has much more of a "third world" reputation. Scewing the results of the quiz a bit, or pointing out prejudices? hmmm...

Second is from 2007 when he revisits some of his points from before and then speaks for a bit on development. I like how he stresses research and speaking with people in developing countries. He mentions briefly that the best ideas come from speaking to people and asking them what they need to bring themselves out of poverty, which is great considering that, as an idea, it's a bit of a side-track from the rest of the talk, but it's also an idea that cannot be stressed enough and should be continually pointed out.

*Note* I apologize for the ramble-yness of this post, I've been reading blogs all day... :P

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2009-06-02 04:32 pm
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One more challenge fic

Because I like this challenge, I was bored last week, and I don't want to clean my room.
Also, I sincerely doubt that I'm the first to think of this, and I'm really disappointedly surprised the real writers didn't.
Also, I'd just like to point out excitedly that this is the shortest finished thing I've ever written. I tend to feel the need to explain everything.
... and I still suck at titles.

Title: As long as we know
Fandom: SGA
Characters: Dr. Elizabeth Wier
Timeline: After everything SPOILER FOR Ghost in the Machine
Disclaimer: I own nothing connected to the Stargate franchise blah, blah, blah.
For [personal profile] oxoniensis because I love the challenge ( this is also written for the "sad song" challenge)

            Elizabeth Weir looked up from her meditation at the remaining members of her team. It had taken a long time, but as of last night there were only four of them remaining, slowly learning to ascend.

            Lia had been first. Elizabeth smiled at that, everyone else had been surprised, but she should have guessed. Lia had always been quiet, but was devoted to the cause, and to her friends. She had been the first of the replicators to refer to others as friend rather than associate. She had been a kind soul, if machines could be described as such, often stopping her own work to help the others or offer hope.

            Morok, Korla, Adel… Elizabeth mentally listed off the others, picturing them as they were just before ascension: peaceful, yet captivated by what the transformation offered.

            As she always did when her mind turned this way, Elizabeth thought back to her last visit to Atlantis. She shouldn’t have gone. She’d realized almost immediately. True, it had brought them all back from the pain of their failed ascension attempt, given them a second chance and allowed her to search the database for the address to this planet. The time dilation field allowed them to continue their work safe from the rest of the galaxy; more importantly, in Elizabeth’s opinion, it kept the rest of the galaxy safe from them.

            No matter how hard she justified the decision, the years had not freed Elizabeth from the blame of bringing a team of replicators to Atlantis. She couldn’t shake the guilt of what could have happened if she hadn’t convinced them to leave almost immediately. Now she pictured Atlantis as it was when she saw it last, pristine and bright. John, Rodney, Chuck, all her old team watching her leave.

            “It’s okay.” said John. Elizabeth started. He hadn’t said that the first time.

            “We never blamed you for any of it.” continued Rodney.

            “But, I-”

            “Gave us a chance to say goodbye.” John finished for her, “A chance to know you’re okay. So we know they didn’t destroy you.”

            “Not that there was any doubt.” added Rodney quickly.

            Elizabeth smiled, relaxing slightly. What happened, happened. It was in the past. Atlantis was safe from replicators, “ascended” or not. She turned away from her memories and toward a light, brighter than any bulb on Atlantis, more captivating than the Stargate, and peaceful. The calm she had searched lifetimes for.