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There’s something inherently satisfying about carrying around a couple of comic books in one’s day–bag to just pull out when there’s a free moment or two, something almost silly or indulgent which is completely different but just as fun as having a book or piece of string. Of the DCnU books I stuck with, most were recommended or promoted in some way by the Guy/Girl at the comic book store (G@CBS). I think my favourite part of this whole experiment has been going into the shop and asking the right questions to get someone to go into fan-mode. G@CBS, cheers to you!

For Darkseid! and other villainous battlecires )

Once again, I will conclude by expressing my undying love for scans daily. :)
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The following couple of posts refer to the New 52 series recently launched by DC, now just finished the second issue. Be advised that $310 is a lot of money so I did not read every new 52 title. The posts are based on the 9 I did read.
About 2 months ago, DC comics launched a soft reboot of their entire line-up; 52 titles with new plot lines, altered storylines or canon histories, and occasionally new writers and artists. As a recent convert to the world of printed comics, I’m offering my 2 ½ cents worth, now that the hype has died down a bit and there’s been a chance to see what this reboot is all about. 

So, what’s going on? )

With that said, each title I’ve picked up has so far passed the 2 issue test. We’ll see which ones hold out.

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