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Through a series of misadventures ranging from rant avoidance after getting angry at the internet to the near destruction of my computer, this post is significantly later (and thus shorter) than originally intended. The following is the list of new 52 (now called the new universe or DCnU, not sure why the ‘n’ is small case but I digress) titles I’ve checked out. Because I’m feeling kind of crummy today, the first is the list of titles that failed the test and will inevitably die in the pit of obscurity! Or just weren’t worth $3.99 for 22 pages of comic and 20 pages of ads (mostly for other comics). Interestingly, of the six titles that were recently cancelled (OMAC, Men of War, Mr. Terrific, Static Shock, Black Hawks and Hawk and Dove), none are ones I even glanced at. Mostly because they were characters/stories I’d never heard of. Awesome advertising there DC, real stellar. 

Because I'm a bit of a noob, the Guy/Girl at the comic book store (G@CBS) helped me out with initially picking these.

Kneel before Zod!!! )

By the way, I have an undying love for scans_daily. So you know. :D
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The following couple of posts refer to the New 52 series recently launched by DC, now just finished the second issue. Be advised that $310 is a lot of money so I did not read every new 52 title. The posts are based on the 9 I did read.
About 2 months ago, DC comics launched a soft reboot of their entire line-up; 52 titles with new plot lines, altered storylines or canon histories, and occasionally new writers and artists. As a recent convert to the world of printed comics, I’m offering my 2 ½ cents worth, now that the hype has died down a bit and there’s been a chance to see what this reboot is all about. 

So, what’s going on? )

With that said, each title I’ve picked up has so far passed the 2 issue test. We’ll see which ones hold out.

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