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So it's been a month now since Our Dear Leader ran and hid prorogued parliament, three weeks since anyone noticed, and a week since the MPs were supposed to be back to yelling at each other. Naturally then, I felt this was a good time to comment.

Oh Harper. You clever little man. Were we getting just a little too curious for you? Things were just getting a little bit uncomfortable? All these people watching what you're doing, making sure no one was being oh I dunno... tortured? To avoid all those silly little questions about "accountability" and "oversight" you say, let's take a break! Never mind that 32 Bills will have to start completely from scratch, A nice little vacation to "converse with constituents" and "redefine the economic strategy". That'll do the trick! (aside, our economic strategy is currently one of the best in the world. We're doing juuuuuuuust fiiiiiiiine)

But wait! People might be upset, I mean you know Ordinary Canadians won't care, but what to do with the rest of them? Also, remember what happened the last time you thought you knew what Ordinary Canadians thought? The Toronto Star called it a cultural war. The point was, you made Quebec mad. And politicians in Canada just don't make Quebec mad. They might make strange videos about it...
Not to worry. Just blame the recession! And just to ensure that no one's actually paying attention. Announce it at the most inconvenient time possible. Just make sure the Olympic men's Hockey Team is announced at the same time. That's all Ordinary Canadians really care about right?

But wait... some people are fighting back. The Economist put out a scathing report claiming the government is no longer safe with you. Rick Mercer wrote that you were acting like a child. And InsideToronto said that the only sane reason you could have had was that you really liked perogies. (And to be fair, who doesn't)

And then the Ordinary people started fighting back. 222411 at last count on the anti-prorogue Facebook group. Groups which led to rallies (that one has an awesome picture). Rallies that thousands of people attended, drawn out by videos like this one which is poetic and trying really hard to be epic. And this one which includes a catchy song and you as a bobble-head. The people were loud. Now the polls say Ordinary Canadians are upset and "prorogue has become such a dirty word, even Dalton McGuinty is thinking twice about using it.

Of course, your supporters are going nuts too, pointing out the number of times Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien or Bob Rae prorogued. There's actually a pretty fun image pointing it out (Popup Prorogue) that has Justin Trudeau hiding behind Stephen Dion's head like some kind of confused puppy. It was given captions and published as "news" with the National Post. The caption includes the word "Doris"... yea I thought of it like that too.

But the best, the absolute BEST, are the songs. There was one good one from the last time you prorogued with the "Liberal blockheads" covered in pink hearts, but you're "The Harper" as they call you, so... so what?
A group of old ladies came out with their song  telling you what's what, but really those hats were just so distracting, I can see why you didn't pay attention.
When Trevor Strong plays live to a group of anti-prorogue protesters the catchiest song to contain the words "prorogue-er" and "Prime Minister who thinks he's a king" we wonder if perhaps you're not getting the message? Because there's nothing more Ordinary and Canadian than the Arrogant Worms.
But we know you're On A Break. Which, while not as fun as a boat, apparently involves leis, throwing votes around, dancing on a giant cow, and skiing Houses of Commons... Why aren't my breaks that interesting.

But now this post has become far too long. And I'm left to say that We Know Your Secret. It wasn't hard to notice if you knew anything about sweater-vests.

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Date: 2010-02-04 12:49 am (UTC)
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"I am the Harper." amuses me far, far too much. As does the Popup Prorogue thing. (Mostly because I'm stuck on the concept of anointing our leaders, and the people pointed out are glowing...)

Have you seen Rex Murphy's take on prorogation? (Also: this - I don't like Stephen Harper featuring Richard Underhill? It's the arts thing, and it's kind of awesome. I especially like the comment on it by harpes4life.)


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