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Thank you in advance! You are the wonderfulest of YuleGoats :)

Max Overacts

I requested: Anything! Tell a story about Max and Klaus's adventures in busking, or as the investigative team Pagett and Crossley, or something about Andi and her band, or how Andi got her job at the radio, or put Eleanore in charge of teaching Max how to play soccer. Really any fun story in this fandom would be great.

*Also requested last year, feel free to check out that Yuletide letter for other ideas/thoughts

Note: If you haven't read this I highly recommend checking it out, the archive isn't that big, but it's set up like a newspaper comic strip so although there are loose storylines, you don't really need to know the backstory to jump in on the most recent strip

This is easily my favourite webcomic right now. The characters and their interactions are so much fun, and they all feel like real people that you might run into on the street. I love Max's imagination and how Klaus is always gung-ho to join in, while still being chill enough to avoid the drama Max finds himself in. I love Andi's sarcasm and "I'm way too cool for you" attitude. I love Eleanore's exuberance and complete lack of filter. Basically, I'm looking for just a fun story with the charaters being themselves . Give them a bit of an adventure. You don't have to use the characters nominated either if you'd rather write Sir Allan or Odessa or Janet or Becky or James or ANYONE!

AUs or future!fic or pre-canon stories are cool, though I would prefer something grounded in the realism of the comics. Also, keep it gen please, these are kids after all :)

What Would The Robin Do Then - Jean Little
I requested: What happens next? Do Edward and Rosa go to the same school? Does Edward ever see Natalie again? Does Rosa invite Edward back for dinner? Does Rosa meet Edward’s dad or Edward meet Mr Lopez? Does the woman from the church group come back? Did Mario and Rosa fit in alright at school? What does Edward do when he grows up? You don’t have to answer any particular question, just tell me something that happens after the story.

*Also requested last year, feel free to check out that letter for other ideas/thoughts

This is my Christmas book. I don't read it every year, but when I do I read it at Christmas. Jean Little is so good at creating day-in-the-life scenes that completely capture the characters to make you feel like you've always known them. But for some reason, this story always felt incomplete to me. I always want to know what happens next. Where did the characters go from there? Feel free to go in whatever direction you like with that, you can show as much or as little as you like (I don't mind being left with more "Then what?" questions). You can set it as far in the future as you like, 20 years down the line or the next day. You can make it about as few or as many characters as you like. Just, what were the repurcusions of Edward and Natalie dropping in to lunch with Rosa and Marco? Were there any?

The Mask of Zorro (1998)
I requested: Post-movie Elena and Alejandro (or just Elena) being bad-ass. Maybe saving Zorro from something, maybe helping Zorro with a mystery, maybe someone suspects Alejandro is Zorro so Elena dons the mask briefly, maybe he uses his Zorro persona to cause a distraction while she does espionage/rescuing/sabotage/badass-ness.

I like to think of Zorro is the original superhero. The swashbuckling, mysterious fox. Elena in this movie was such an interesting character: as the biological daughter of the original Zorro, and the emotional daughter of his greatest enemy, but also as a young woman discovering her place in this strange new country, learning about the injustices in it, and deciding to do something about them. I'd love a story that gives her some time to shine. Something that lets her say "I don't need a mask to be a hero". Or "I don't need to hit things with pointy sticks to have an impact". I liked many of the things she did in the sequel, investigating and being battle-couple with Alejandro. I love battle-couples and badass families. Can you imagine how much better the sequel would have been if Joaquim had knon from the begining about his family's connection with the masked hero? They could have been a full blown Zorro family! Anything Elena-centric would be excellent.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids (1989)
I requested: Amy being quietly brilliant. Maybe she fixes one of her dad's experiments before it blows up the house, maybe she subtle-y rules theatre camp, maybe she's the one her brothers turn to when things go crazy for them, maybe she does double degrees in english lit and particle physics while serving as a VP on her student union, maybe she goes into the backyard and rescues some ants from the sprinkler. Something to show her untapped potential being used.

Amy always struck me as sort of calmly confident. Maybe she's not a genius like her brother, but she knows where she is and can deal with things when they come. I could be reading too much into the movie but she seemed to come to terms with being shrunk fairly easily. Sort of a "that happened, now how do we deal with it?" attitude. She's in the sequel for less than two minutes and spends it giving advice to her brother, advice he seems to listen to more than to his parents. It doesn't have to be anything big, just Amy being subtly crazily competent at life.

World War Z - Max Brooks
I requested:
A side view of the narrator, what do some of the people talking to him or escorting him around think of his project/mission or what they've heard. What do they see/think when they travel with him/meet him? Alternately, Jessika Hendricks, the young woman in northern Manitoba, what happened in between travelling north and working to 'clean up' frozen zombies?
Alternately, what happened to New Zealand?

Okay, this one's kind of mean because the characters I requested weren't ones nominated. But though reading the book I was fascinated with the idea of this narator travelling the world to talk to all these people about what was inevitably the most horrifying experience of their lives. Does he have a camera-man travelling along with him listening to these stories too and wishing to tell his own? Do his drivers/local guides resent him for making them go to all these places or are they just glad the stories being told? Do the people he's interviewing appreciate the questions? Do they ever ask him to tell his own story to build some kind of rapport? Does he ever go back to see them again? Note that I'm using the third-party "he" (English is a limiting language) so if you see the narrator as a woman, transgendered, or genderqueer, great. (I actually have almost no picture of the narrator. Or if I do, it's a different picture depending on the interviewee)
The first alternate option is just one other story that fascinated me. Jessika's story ends with her as a child, but she's clearly seen between paragraphs to be competent at killing half frozen zombies with an axe. How did she get that way? I'm also just a sucker for Northern Canada as a setting.
The last alternate option is actually a series of alternates. What happened in all the places the narrator didn't go to or didn't interview someone from. Sure there was a story from Brazil, but that was pre-outbreak. What happened there during the war? Pick any place that you're familiar with that isn't covered in the book and tell me what happened during World War Z.

General Notes
I love characters and character interactions. I like adventure and seeing how different characters react to different situations, or anything that lets a character's personality shine.

I usually prefer gen, but am cool with het, slash, femslash, etc provided it isn't the central focus of the story. In general for ratings use the source material as a guide.

I am super excited for any of these fandoms. Optional details are optional. Have fun with it and it'll be sure to make me smile. :D


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